A short description on how our collection came about.

About Spotlight Seasons

Hello! Rob and Mary Wright here.

Back in October 2015 we had a mad idea about starting a stationery subscription box business. “We love stationery and people love getting parcels in the post so how hard can it be…?” we thought. Hmm. Hard-ish, as it turned out, but also lots of fun. We launched Spotlight Stationery and sent out our first subscription boxes the following January. Now four years later we’re satisfying the pen, pencil and paper cravings of stationery addicts all around the world. In forty nine countries, to be precise.

Then we thought, “Well this is fun, so why don’t we make our lives even busier and start an online stationery shop?” So that’s what we did. Stationery & Art opened for business in January 2018 and the two businesses complemented each other very well.

Incredibly, Spotlight Stationery has a very loyal band of particularly wonderful subscribers who’ve been with us since our Very First Box, way back in January 2016! Early last year one of them, Toru, (who probably gets through more stationery than anyone we’ve ever met) got in touch and asked if we’d ever thought about an extra special stationery box, possibly on a quarterly basis? Short answer? No. We really are busy enough, thanks. But then we thought about it… and launched Spotlight Seasons.

Now, after five quarterly collections, we’ve had to take the difficult decision to make our Autumn 2020 collection the last we curate. The fact is that Spotlight Stationery and Stationery & Art have grown to the point where, much as we’d love to, we simply don’t have the time to run a third brand.

We’ve now closed orders for our last collection and it will be shipped at the end of November.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our Seasons customers, particularly to those of you who’ve bought every one! We hope you’re not too disappointed that there won’t be any more.

The remaining previous Spotlight Seasons collections remain available to buy from our shop.