London Stationery Show 2019

Why Spotlight Seasons?

When we visit trade shows, stationery shops and suppliers we see lots of fabulous stationery products which we’d love to include in our Spotlight Stationery subscription boxes but are unable to because of the size, weight and cost constraints we have to work within. So when one of our subscribers asked if we’d ever considered producing a second, premier stationery subscription box, perhaps on a quarterly basis, it got us thinking; could this be an opportunity to use those very products?

Two very non-commital, what-do-you-think-of-this-idea social media posts later we were very pleasantly surprised by the level of positive interest. This got us thinking some more:

What if it wasn’t a subscription, but rather a quarterly purchase with each collection available for a limited time only?

What if we gave it a trial period of 12 months, four collections, to see what customers think?

What if it didn’t have a theme, meaning fewer constraints on the curation?

What if it included recorded postage for secure delivery available around the world?

What if we called it Spotlight Seasons?

Several months, lists of lists and lots of number crunching later, Spotlight Seasons is a reality. Hooray! We’re grateful to Toru Nakashima who asked the initial question and Laura Stoddart who suggested the name; thanks very much to both of you!

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Published on: 29 September 2019
Posted by: Mary Wright
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